Exploring new Loire estate Domaine Belargus

Ivan Massonnat had long relished the idea of buying a wine estate and now the proud owner of the winery Domaine Belargus in the Loire Valley.

Ivan Massonnat is a shrewd businessman. His main day job is his role as partner of the large private-equity firm, PAI Partners, which acquires companies involved in diverse sectors of activity, then revitalises them by managing them along the lines of a start-up before selling them for a profit after a few years of development. In charge of relations with institutional as well as private investors, Ivan Massonnat spends much of his time traveling to capital cities across the globe and eating at the best restaurants. He is also a passionate wine lover who had the habit of spending as much of his leisure time as possible in vineyards.

Tasting the Domaine Belargus wines

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Source: Yohan Castaing