Syrah vs Shiraz: 30 great buys from South Africa

South African Syrah

Consider how frustrating it must be as a winemaker to have the terroir to produce light, fresh, fragrant Syrah but being forced to call it Shiraz on the label. Sure, it’s the same grape, but the stylistic difference it implies is immense.

Andre Van Rensburg was the first South African winemaker to apply to use this synonym for his iconic Stellenzicht, Syrah 1994; prior to that, calling it Shiraz was the only option. Since then, more and more South African winemakers have been producing wines in a classic, Rhône-like Syrah style, as opposed to a traditional Australian Shiraz style.

Today, the quality is so convincing that you’d be mad to ignore them.

Matt Walls’ 30 top South African Syrah wines

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Source: Matt Walls