The red behind Moët & Chandon rosé

Benoît Gouez, Moët & Chandon cellar master

When Moët & Chandon cellarmaster Benoît Gouez arrived in the Champagne region more than 20 years ago, rosé accounted for just 2- 3% of the house’s production. Since then, reflecting the boom in popularity of the rosé category in general, the importance of rosé at Moët has rocketed and it now accounts for 20% of the portfolio – in comparison, rosé accounts for 10% of production in the region as a whole.

In the early days of March, before lockdown began, Gouez flew into London to explain the role played by the still red base wines in Moët’s most important rosés: the non-vintage Imperial and the vintage wine – the current release being Grand Vintage Rosé 2012.

Anne Krebiehl MW tasted the vintage and NV Moët & Chandon rosé for Decanter

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Source: Amy Wislocki